On-boarding Customers as Referrers


Zocial Earn is a modern marketing platform that helps you create effective referral campaign for your retail business without upfront cost and reward your customers cash for referrals, which empowers both you and the customers amid an uncertain economic situation.

→ Learn about how you can leverage Zocial Earn during COVID-19

Before we continue: Have you already created a business account & promotion-referral campaign?

🗒️ Text guide

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1. Start with registering a business account on Zocial Earn app

2. Ready to go? Let's start your first campaign

On-boarding referrer: Accept your existing customers as referrer

Normally, users have to redeem a promotion of your shop before their status is turned into referrer

→ How to verify user's promotion redemption?

There is another path to referrer. Your old customers who cannot return their visit during the difficult time or members who have already paid for your services (i.e. can't redeem any offer with a new spending) can now become your referrer via applying.

👦🏻 What does user need to do?

1. Find your promotion campaign on Zocial Earn

2. Click on "Be a Referrer" inside the expanded campaign view

3. Choose "Submit Proof"

4. Upload photo proof and short description of their applying reason. (Photo can be screencap of your campaign email, membership photo)

5. Go back to the expanded view of campaign, click "Referral Progress" and the Share option. User can find shareable image, text and link.

6. After the customer's application is approved. Their friends will be able to select this person (via user ID) as their referrer during the redemption process.

💼 What do you have to do on your Business account?

You can access the Referrer Application from your side menu.

Option 1: Manually approve the application

* You have full control of who is becoming your referrer. Low risk of fraud.

Option 2: Auto approve the application

* All referrer application will be automatically accepted. Higher chance of fraud and system abuse.

NEXT: Create a referral marketing campaign powered by Zocial Earn

Start creating links, messages, emails and send to your customer database!

Or tell the customers who are visiting your shop about what they can earn from becoming a referrer of your business.

Useful Resources

Referrer instruction template

  1. Download the Zocial Earn mobile application on your phone https://onelink.to/8xfqcf

  2. Find our campaign → Be a Referrer → Submit Proof → Upload screencap of this message & few words (e.g. "I want to be a referrer.")

  3. Share our promotional campaign to friends and on your social networks

  4. Ask your friend to download Zocial Earn & redeem the promotion using your user ID.

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