How to verify a user's promotion redemption

Zocial Earn is more than just a referral platform. In order to facilitate referral activities (and therefore acquiring more customers), we ask business to create a promotion campaign with a shop offer on the table for customers. The benefits of verifying the promotion on the Zocial Earn app are twofold:

  • Referrers get paid when their friends input a referrer ID during the redemption process. It incentivize them to promote the shop.

  • A successful verification automatically turns the redeemer user into a referrer user, allowing them to receive payouts for referrals, and therefore creating a spiral network effect, as the next referred user will also become a referrer once the redemption is verified on the app.

Have you already created a business account & promotion-referral campaign?

🗒️ Text guide: step by step guid for in-store campaign

📽️ 1. Video Tutorial: Start with registering a business account on Zocial Earn app

📽️ 2. Video Tuturial: Ready to go? Let's start your first campaign

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Once your campaign is up, it's time to welcome your new customer 🙋🏻‍♀️

1. Welcome & serve the customers who are interested in using your promotion on Zocial Earn

2. When the customer fulfilled the requirements, please apply the offer to their bill.

Requirements that you entered for the campaign, such as min. spending amount, purchase bundle, etc.

3. Let the customer scan your QR code!

You can access from Side Menu > QR Code / Passcode to view, download or regenerate your code.

4. Alternatively, you can just print the QR code out for scan.

Please keep your code safe and private, as such redemption trigger a payment from you.

What happens when a redemption is verified?

A payment will be triggered and taken from your Business account. The payment is consisted of a referral fee due to a referrer; therefore it's crucial that the redemption process is completed so that a referrer's effort can be duly recognized and rewarded.

What if I bypass the app redemption?

(i.e. not asking for customer to scan / not presenting the QR code)

Bypassing Zocial Earn is not advised as it will make your referrers, who have promoted for you, unable to receive the reward that was promised to them. In order to avoid misfortunate outcome, we encourage our users to report such instance to us so that we can identify the misbehaved shops. If the bypassing act is found true, business will receive fine, or even permanent ban from the platform.

Zocial Earn promotes mutual respect, fair play and creates win-win solutions for both referrers and merchants to come together and earn through customer referrals.

Got any question?

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