How to help your retail business survive the Coronavirus

Coronavirus hit, retail sales have sunk. No doubt that COVID-19 leaves most shop owners around the world wondering about the immediate future of their business. Rent, salary, advertisement, cost of materials — they all added up to business losses now. And it seems more urgent than ever not only to get the coronavirus under control, but also to economize for running your business. But how?

Hong Kong’s retail sales could sink up to 50 per cent as city shuts out Chinese visitors amid coronavirus outbreak

Lam Ka-sing, SCMP

Introducing Zocial Earn for Business

Zocial Earn is unlike many advertising or marketing platforms out there.

We have designed our mobile app in such a way that it allows any social users to refer new customers or sales to you. And the best thing? You only have to pay for a small fee when there is actually a sale, a transaction; otherwise, there won't be any charge for you.

You can be assured that your business won't bear any upfront cost during the challenging time of the economy. Everything is paid based on success and 100% conversion rate.

How has Zocial Earn changed the landscape of traditional social marketing?

Currently, promoting your business online can be either costly or time-consuming, or both.

According to HEAP, the average conversion rate for major online advertizing channels, such as Google and Facebook, is below 10%. What it tells us is that 1) you are spending before you gain any new customers, because online ads are mostly charged based on CPC (cost per click) or number of views / likes; 2) in case you get any conversion, the cost of your conversion can vary a lot depending whether that 1 conversion is resulted from 100 clicks, or 1000 clicks.

If you are a small business or struggling to afford such marketing expense, there aren't many alternatives in the market. What is more costly is when you want to pay someone to talk about your products or services on the social networks — yes, we are talking about Influencers here — your upfront payment and stake are so much higher.

We have removed the traditional agent in the advertizing and influencer marketing process, creating a win-win social shared economy model for both businesses and social users.

What makes Zocial Earn special is we offer businesses both success-based pricing model (i.e. 100% conversion rate on your marketing spend) and free influencer marketing (by encourage any social users to 'influence' their friends to visit your shops in return for a cash reward) in each promotional campaign that you start with us. In other words, most of your marketing money will now be pocketed by the social users, rather than being fed to the advertizing giants who never reward or incentivize users with the huge profit they made from you. This is what we call a shared economy for social — we turn the commercial marketing money into a direct income for users on the social networks.

Remember, there is no upfront cost on listing your business promotions with us, and the fee is only charged upon a valid sale (e.g. qualifying a minimum spending amount) so that there is always conversion when you pay and the fee is fixed & paid after-sale.

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