Fighting COVID-19 Together — Empower Your Customers

Zocial Earn is always here for our business clients. To help you and your business weather the storm, we are here to help you to co-create a marketing campaign with your existing customers that will achieve the following objectives:

  • Drive your sales without upfront cost (you pay for referrals only when there is one)

  • Elevate your brand image and strengthen relationship with your existing customers

  • Time & cost-saving on creating & maintaining your own referral system

What is Zocial Earn?

Zocial Earn is a marketing platform that drives your sales through social referrals, with referral fee chargeable based on successful referrals (i.e. No Customer No Fee).

Our mobile application empowers you to create promotional campaign that does 2 things for you 1) offer redemption via QR code 2) reward referrers with cash that can be withdrawn from our app to their bank accounts.

The purpose of creating an offer or discount on Zocial Earn is for referrers to promote your business and encourage their friends to visit. When the offer is redeemed on the app via scanning the QR code, it usually means that you already acquired a new customer who visited & spent at your shop, and a payment will be taken from your account and pay to the referrers (who brought their friends to you) via Zocial Earn.

Zocial Earn users earn cash that goes into a soft wallet and they can withdraw anytime to their bank account via Paypal (and FPS in the future).

Quick start to account & campaign creation

🗒️ Text guide

📽️ Video guide

Start with registering a business account on Zocial Earn app

Ready to go? Let's start your first campaign

Make your existing customers a fee-earning promoter/KOL for your business

📲 It's time to reach out to the people who visited and enjoyed your brand!

Unlike how traditional referral works, which involves manual tracking of the referral activities and other administrative works, Zocial Earn takes cares of all of that for you! Plus, your referrer customers earn cash instead of coupons or store credits distributed by us (saving your work), which is a more direct incentive for them.

Case study — Real life example of a referral campaign during COVID-19

What are the issues?

  • No reward (i.e. incentive) for referrer

  • Referrer needs to input and text back with referee details

  • Manual tracking of referrals


Example of a promotion-referral marketing with Zocial Earn

Stay Home and Earn 💵

What are the advantages of using Zocial Earn?

  • Cash incentives for your referrers (and payout is taken care of by Zocial Earn)

  • Auto-tracking of referral activities

  • Real income can be earned by your customers which shows your support and care for them during a difficult economic situation

  • Creating spiral network effect new customer will also learn about the referral campaign via Zocial Earn, leading to your next customers

  • Powerful marketing campaign Earn & Empower each other

🤝 You get new customers & They get cash income

Tell the customers who are visiting your shop too

Apart from reaching out to customers who are in your database via email or Whatsapp message, you can also tell the customers in your shop to download Zocial Earn and start spreading your promotion.

What kind of retail categories do we accept?

🍽️ Restaurants

👕 Apparels

💄 Beauty shops

🧖🏻‍♀️ Spa / Salon / Wellness

🧘🏻‍♀️ Fitness center / Sport classes

✈️ Travel-related: hotel & accommodation

What's next? How should you start?

1. Learn how to accept referrers on the app & what instructions to give to your customers

To establish the credibility of a user's referral claim, Zocial Earn only turns users who have redeemed an offer of your shop on our app into referrers. For other users who may be your old customers and unlikely to return their visit during the virus period or have already become a paying member of your business, they may apply to become a referrer, which you can accept case by case based on your need.

→ Learn more about on-boarding your customers as your promoters (referrers)

→ Learn more about how to verify a user's promotion redemption

2. Claim some free credits

To support our business community during a period of uncertainty, we are now covering the cost of your referrals in form of free credits. To claim the offer, you must create a business account. Once it's done you can reach out to our team at or +852 6549 8729 to get the credits. Limited time offer only.

How about earning from home too?


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