Why we created Zocial Earn


We are creating a new channel for anyone to monetize their influence.

Don’t underestimate your influence. 


At Zocial Earn, we believe it’s not the number of followers or likes that matters to businesses, but your ability to convert your friends into new customers. 


We’ve all been asked to give or be given recommendations for a product or service. Sushi restaurants. Personal trainers. Smart TVs. Most of the time these recommendations work out well (yea, thanks dad) and lead us to new, fascinating experiences. But if the opinion of our friends matters so much, why aren’t they prioritised by brands and marketers as such?


Our decentralised platform empowers our users to contribute to the success of the brands they endorse and be rewarded for helping out their business. 

We’ll give you all the tools you need so you can focus on earning cash. It’s no longer an influencer’s thing

Meet our team

Linda Chan

Chief Executive Officer

  • Linda Chan (LinkedIn)
  • Linda Chan (Twitter)

J. C. Ho

Chief Operating Officer

  • JC Ho (LinkedIn)
  • Twitter

Rachel Lee

Chief Financial Officer

  • YC Lee (Twitter)

Robert Mowdy

Community Manager

  • Robert Mowdy (LinkedIn)

Nan Chen

Chief Technology Officer

  • Nan Chan (LinkedIn)

Samson Li

Marketing Advisor

  • Samson Li (LinkedIn)

Ishan Grag

Business Development

  • Ishan Garg (LinkedIn)
  • Ishan Garg (Twitter)