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Retail brands need your referrals to sustain and revitalise their business as we continue our fight against Covid-19. In return, they'll share with you part of the profit they make from your referrals. 🤝

Why Zocial Earn?


Only want to work with popular users

You are always waiting to be approved for jobs

Influencer marketing agencies

Restricted to promote in a certain format and social media platform

Zocial Earn

No min. followers required

Earn instant cash from referrals


One app with many brands to choose from & promote on any channel you like


Get noticed by brands directly 



Usually reward you with coupons or credits

Need to download or sign up for brands one by one

Traditional referral programmes



First time using Zocial Earn?

Frequently asked questions 💭

How can I get started? 🧐

You can start earning by downloading the app here and registering as a user.

How much money will I be making from referrals? 💲

  • Referral fee potential is dependent on the category and average customer spending of the brand you are representing.
  • In general, the referral fee you’ll receive is between 6% and 10% of each sale that you brought in as an ambassador.
  • You can also track your referral progress anytime in-app.

I don't see myself sharing deals like a professional influencer. Does that mean I cannot become an ambassador? 😐

Nope, not at all! Our app is designed to make you feel good about recommending a brand to your friends. The way we help is to give you the tools to promote for brands with minimum effort and time. Check out our unique features:

  • Personalised promotion image
Influencers spend hours putting together all the information and creating content for a brand campaign. Once you've been approved as an ambassador, we'll provide you with a pre-formatted promotion image (perfectly fitted for Instagram Stories) with all the details your audience needs to know about the campaign, and of course, with your own QR code as well.
  • Personalised QR code
It's 2020 and no one should be forced to remember or look up a random referral code in their email or notepad. WE'LL convert your ambassador ID into a QR code so your friends can easily download the image (or do a screencap from IG) for use later. They can load it up in our app or ask the shop to scan AND READ it (if applicable).

I know a brand that will be a great match for Zocial Earn. How can I set you guys up? 🥰

Wow, that’d be amazing - thank you! Please feel free to reach out to us via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email on

Let's get started 🚀

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Are you a business looking to grow your sales via referral network?

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